Our founding team

Scott Burr, PhD: Founder and CEO

Experience: 25 years at Dow, Inc., and DuPont; CTO of Clean Filtration Technologies; Associate Director of Filtration and Wastewater R&D; Water Solutions Emerging Innovation Leader

Strengths: developing successful technology-based business opportunities, delivering products to market, clear vision of success, building and leading strong global teams

Education: PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech, MS in Engineering Mechanics and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech 

John Mallard, Founder and CFO/COO

Experience: :  CTO of National Semiconductor; founder & CEO of PortalPlayer; founder & CEO of Clean Filtration Technologies; NA Sales Director Amiad Water Systems, Ltd.

Strengths: strong executive leadership skills, successful serial entrepreneur, business operations & finance, influential leader, proven

Education: MS in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins and a BS in electrical engineering from Lawrence Technological University