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VRX P1-V1 Render 06

VelRay X™ Single Filter Skid
(400 gpm)

Redefining Fine Particle Filtration

The VelRay X filter is a liquid filtration product based on patented technology.  It couples cross-flow filtration with tapered laser cut slots and active filter brush cleaning to enable removal ≥ 20 micron particles from high volume fluid streams with an extended range of TSS removal in a single step, at a price and  size that is truly disruptive in the filtration marketplace

Situations where this problem exists include water intake from rivers that may be clear one day and muddy the next due to rain events; filtration in cooling tower applications where the cooling water picks up airborne dust and debris due to wind and weather events; industrial process upsets that result in highly varying solids levels that must be removed in process fluid streams, and waste water remediation or reclamation where biological treatment processes require the process filtration steps to handle widely varying suspended solids levels. 


  • Consistent filtration over extended range of variable TSS
  • Operates in the presence of fats, oils, and grease
  • Continuous filtration flow during operation
  • Up to 99% water recovery
  • Simple and straight forward operation and maintenance
  • Scalable and modular configurations
  • All NSF-61 compliant materials
  • Automated control system
  • Industrial Ethernet communication / Profinet
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Integrated 7.5HP drive pump
  • Optional integrated feed pump
  • Full stainless steel construction options
  • UL-listed control components