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Accelerated Filtration Appears on The Water Zone Podcast

By June 25, 2024No Comments

WaterZone PodcastMidland, Mich. (June 25, 2024) – Accelerated Filtration, Inc., the design and manufacturing firm that introduced the innovative VelRay X™ suspended solids management system to the marketplace,  recently had the privilege of appearing on the award-winning and nationally recognized “The Water Zone” podcast hosted by Chris Davey and Rob Starr.

Co-Founder and CEO Scott Burr, along with Chief Commercial Officer Rick Penn, fielded questions about our innovative VelRay X™ Suspended Solids Management System and how it’s being used in various industrial sectors to access difficult water and reduce costs.  Among the questions, Scott and Rick were asked about the target customer for this technology. Scott shared this perspective.

“Globally, we are quickly moving into, and have moved into, a position where we have to deal with water that we used to turn up our noses at. We have to, from an industrial perspective, recycle and reuse water to degrees higher than were ever wanted or maybe warranted. So, sustainability efforts are in play and supply is in play. That’s one of the reasons this active forum can attack this technology because we know this type of technology is needed to access difficult water and it’s not there today.  It needs to be easy, automatic and affordable.”

Listen to the entire podcast. The interview with Scott and Rick begins at 23:15 in the program and runs for about 30 minutes. Thanks again to Chris and Rob at the entire The Water Zone podcast team.


About Accelerated Filtration
Accelerated Filtration, Inc. is the design and development firm behind the patented VelRay X™ suspended solids management system. The system manages the high variability of suspended solids in water with speed and reliability, transforming what’s typically a difficult process into a turnkey one. Learn more about our company.

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