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Product Overview


Redefining fine particle filtration

The VelRay X™ filter-concentrator removes high levels of fine suspended solids by combining cross flow filtration with tapered slots and active filter brush cleaning.

VelRay X significantly opens the addressable market for applications involving challenging water streams. This solids management system can be configured in a single filter skid or can be coupled to a common manifold to service large flow requirements. Regardless of the configuration, the filters run off a simple control system for stable operation, energy minimization, and water conservation.

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Velray X by Accelerated Fitration


  • Consistent filtration over extended range of variable TSS
  • Operates in the presence of fats, oils, and grease
  • Continuous filtration flow during operation
  • Up to 99% water recovery
  • Simple and straightforward operation and maintenance
  • Scalable and modular configurations
  • All NSF-61 compliant materials
  • Automated control system
  • Industrial Ethernet communication / Profinet
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Integrated 7.5HP drive pump
  • Optional integrated feed pump
  • Full stainless steel construction options
  • UL-listed control components
What are your water cleaning challenges?

Contact us to learn more about VelRay X and how it can support your water filtration needs based on function and/or industry.

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